Why You Should Consider Sending Your Children To Spanish Preschool in Calgary

Back in early 2001, even the mere thought of immersing a child in a Spanish preschool Calgary institution led to a widespread uproar. When you fast forward to today, studies have proven how bilingual children have a headstart when it comes to childhood, and they can use this always to have a job later as a translator. Many businesses want to hire bilingual people.

How Preschool Has Changed

In the preschool learning of today, you have a big change where many preschools Calgary have introduced some element of a second language. They want dual language options for the ESLs, but they also want native English speakers to adapt and learn more of another language.

What if My Child Doesn’t Understand?

With the full day preschools Calgary institutions, the top concern among parents is how the children might feel lost because of the language barrier. However, what experts have found is how children do excellent in an immersive setting, and they pick up the language fast. Many times we have discovered how other preschool age kids will be asked to translate to help the other kids

Is Spanish Immersion Education Only for Non-English Native Speakers?

In reality, you have many languages spoken at the preschools in these immersion programs, and the benefits that come from being bilingual will continue into the future. In fact, you’d be surprised how many native-English families send their children to a Spanish preschool Calgary institution. Exposure to a second language in the most natural and comfortable way will have huge benefits.

Sometimes parents fear that their child won’t learn enough English if they immerse them in a Spanish classroom. However, when you look at how much time they spend outside of the classroom speaking English, the lack of English-speaking opportunities never become a problem. Think of the children raised in a bilingual home and how they do.

At Seedlings Preschool our goal is to provide children with a loving, fun, and prosperous environment to develop their mind while being immersed in a Spanish speaking setting. Enroll your child, and we can’t wait to see your little ones grow and develop their language skills! Contact us today at (403) 210-0604.