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Your family is unique and has specific needs, which we strive to provide through our SW Calgary preschool and kindergarten programs. We create a rich environment for your child that focuses on holistic development, with activities including art, language, pre-math, music, science, motor skills, and more. At Seedlings, we focus on each child and help them develop at their own pace. We offer English, bilingual and Spanish Learning programs at our preschool in SW Calgary.

Benefits of Our SW Calgary Preschool & Kinder Programs

Low Student - Teacher Ratio

We give each student the personalized 
time, support and attention 
they need to reach their potential.

Reggio - Emilia Program

This tremendously motivational approach to learning reflects children’s interests through a dynamic and interactive curriculum.


   A personalized approach to education gives students an atmosphere of support, and growth to achieve their maximum academic potential.

Spanish Immersion

Full immersion is the most effective way

for students to achieve exceptional

speaking and literacy skills.

Well Balanced Education

Exposure to a wide variety of subject areas

allows students to develop a diverse set of skills

that they will use for the rest of their lives. 

Qualified & Friendly Teachers

To ensure a proper education in all subjects, all our teachers are highly educated with Bachelor degrees, and are native Spanish speakers.


Seedlings school and the staff at Seedlings are wonderful, nurturing, caring and kind. My son attended Seedlings for 2.5 years. The last year was supplemental kindergarten. The teachers spent 1:1 time with him to improve his Spanish. It was time well spent. I would fully recommend the Seedlings school for young children and kindergarten aged children.
My two kids attended Seedlings Preschool since they were 2.5. The overall experience has been FANTASTIC. They provide a Fun and Nurturing environment for kids between 2.5 - 5 years old. The one on one attention they provide is unique, making sure every kid is engaged and having fun. I would encourage any parent to choose Seedlings as a Preschool for their kids.
Valentina B
Seedlings is a wonderfully apt name for this preschool program in that the environment and the relationship between teacher and child nurtures and supports growth of the young person. The environment is friendly and inviting and the neutral palate and light filled interior gives a sense of calm. Interesting and stimulating materials encourage exploration and discovery. The teachers are genuine and caring in their relationships with each student. They model an attitude of kindness, respect and friendliness.
Patti Feria-Estrada
Both my girls attended the Seedlings Spanish Preschool. I was struggling with what to do for preschool in Cougar Ridge, when a neighbour told us about the Seedlings Spanish Preschool. Making the call to Judith to come check out the preschool was one of the best decisions we ever made. We do not speak Spanish at home, so I was nervous dropping them off the first day, but upon meeting Judith and the other teachers, and seeing the wonderful learning space for the kids at the preschool, it was an easy decision.
What an incredible gift to help them learn another language. Aivry and Marlie both joined when they were 2 & 1/2, and I could not ask for a more loving, supportive and caring learning environment. They get immersed in it immediately and they have absolutely flourished with the Spanish language. I never cease to be impressed when I drop them off at school and listen to them converse back and forth with the teachers in Spanish! It's so amazing! Parents drive from across the city to take their kids to this preschool, so I feel very fortunate to have it so close to home. Judith has built a very strong school with some incredibly talented and caring teachers and assistants. This is the last year for my youngest at the preschool, and I have to say, I'm really going to miss the teachers and the school. Thank you Judith for creating such a wonderful experience for my girls. We're so blessed.
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Both of my children have attended Seedlings Spanish preschool. It is a nurturing class setting that I feel has helped my children not only learn the Spanish language, but it has taught them social skills that have prepared them for kindergarten. The teachers are very caring and I have nothing but positive comments about the program and I highly recommend it.
Lynda Fung
Seedlings Strathcona is absolutely amazing. We love it. It is a wonderful learning environment for Spanish and all things Kindergarten/Preschool.We love the learning style and the warmth and caring of the teachers.Our son loves it and looks forward to each and every day at Seedlings. The program is very flexible as well. There are various drop off times and many schedule options.We could not imagine him going anywhere else and know he will miss this lovely school very much when he has to graduate and go to Grade 1 next year. I will miss it too. We love it and would recommend it to anyone!
I am a grandmother of two boys living in the PBP community. I have lived in Oakridge for 42 years. Our 4year old grandson has attended the SEEDLINGS preschool at Nellie for the past two years. I find the preschool teachers OUTSTANDING in their care for the children and the wealth and variety of Spanish/English learning opportunities. I have had experiences with other preschools with my children and grandchildren. Although very good- this experience at SEEDLINGS truly stands apart. I would highly recommend it.
Trudie Clark
Our son loves to go play with his friends! Staff and teachers foster a loving, caring, creative environment in which learning is natural. We love that our son is happy in the morning when we leave him and equally as happy when we greet him. It makes our day knowing he is happy and in caring hands. We really appreciate the community approach the daycare uses.
Stephanie Lacroix



Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten


Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten


Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten

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Full day 

Preschool - Kinder - Daycare


Full day Spanish Daycare
Full day Spanish Preschool
Half day Spanish preschool for both AM and PM
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish before and after school - kinder students


Full day Spanish Preschool
Full day Spanish Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish before and after school care - kinder students

Explore Your Child's Creativity With Our SW Calgary
Preschool & Kinder Programs

At Seedlings' SW Calgary preschool & kinder, we give your child room to explore and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Our full Spanish immersion program helps children develop their creativity and love of learning. Our interactive program also supports the development of creativity by reflecting the interests of children. Enrolling your child in our SW Calgary preschool & kinder is a great opportunity for them to grow and learn, and ours is designed to help your child flourish and explore their natural creativity and curiosity.