SW Calgary Spanish Preschool, Kinder & Daycare Programs

SW Calgary Spanish Preschool, Kinder & Daycare Programs

Your family is unique and has specific needs, which we strive to provide with our SW Calgary daycare and preschool. Currently, only Spanish immersion programs are offered at Strathcona. Our programs, which focus on holistic development, create a rich environment for your child through activities such as art, language, pre-math, music, science, motor skills, and more. Kindergarten and Out of School Care programs are also offered. At Seedlings, we focus on each child and help them develop at their own pace, whether they join our SW Calgary daycare or Strathcona preschool and Kindergarten.


Benefits of Our SW Calgary Spanish Preschool, Kinder & Daycare Programs

Low Student - Teacher Ratio

We give each student the personalized 
time, support and attention 
they need to reach their potential.

Reggio - Emilia Program

This tremendously motivational approach to learning reflects children’s interests through a dynamic and interactive curriculum.


   A personalized approach to education gives students an atmosphere of support, and growth to achieve their maximum academic potential.

Spanish Immersion

Full immersion is the most effective way

for students to achieve exceptional

speaking and literacy skills.

Well Balanced Education

Exposure to a wide variety of subject areas

allows students to develop a diverse set of skills

that they will use for the rest of their lives. 

Qualified & Friendly Teachers

To ensure a proper education in all subjects, all our teachers are highly educated with Bachelor degrees, and are native Spanish speakers.




Full day Spanish Daycare
Full day Spanish Preschool
Half day Spanish Preschool for both AM and PM
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish before and after school - kinder students


Full day Spanish Preschool
Full day Spanish Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish before and after school care - kinder students


Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten


AM Spanish Preschool
AM Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish Kindergarten



Full day & Half day

Preschool - Kinder - Daycare

Explore Your Child's Interests With Our SW Calgary
Spanish Preschool, Kinder & Daycare Programs

At Seedlings Strathcona daycare, Preschool, Kinder, Before & After School, we give your child room to explore and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Our full Spanish immersion program helps children develop their creativity and love of learning while simultaneously providing them with a valuable second language. Our interactive program also supports the development of creativity by reflecting the interests of children. Enrolling your child at our Strathcona preschool, daycare, kinder, before & after school is a great opportunity for them to grow and learn, and our program is designed to help your child flourish and explore their natural creativity and curiosity.