Spanish Learning

Immersive Spanish Language Learning Environment

Seedlings Early Learning is a leading provider of bilingual early childhood education. In our program, Spanish acquisition takes place through a natural and effective immersion process where no prior knowledge of Spanish is required. This is scientifically acknowledged to be the best way to learn a language. A second language not only opens doors for employment, cultural exchange, and learning, but also has long-term cognitive benefits such as increased creativity and enhanced ability to process information.

Children with a native tongue other than Spanish are initially spoken to using both English and Spanish, and the use of English is gradually eliminated. Each child, as an individual, progresses at his or her own pace. Through Spanish music, crafts, projects and art, children effortlessly pick up Spanish in a manner similar to the initial language acquisition process of infants. Additionally, exposure to a distinct culture makes children more comfortable in our increasingly global and multicultural society. All our Spanish teachers are native speakers, ensuring correct pronunciation and an authentic Spanish Learning experience.


Benefits of Bilingualism

In the last decades, the importance of learning more than one language has increased in our society. A second language provides cultural, personal and professional advantages, and has also been shown to have positive cognitive impacts. Several research studies have demonstrated that learning a second language results in better problem solving skills, increased creativity and better acquisition of literacy abilities. This research has recently been extended to investigations of adults, and found that lifelong bilingualism protects older people from cognitive decline associated with aging.


Language Learning Through Music and Songs

A key aspect of our Spanish Learning program is the emphasis on music, which is an extremely powerful tool in language learning due to its similarity to speech in characteristics such as timing, pitch, and timbre. Music improves the brain’s ability to process and distinguish sound, which in turn increases its capacity for language learning. It also requires many areas of the brain from both hemispheres to work simultaneously and cooperatively.

Studies point to an increase in both grey and white matter in the brain as a result of music training. Songs and music help form strong memories because they provide structures and patterns that help recall the information. Images and emotions associated with the music and information also contribute to this.

Children love to sing, and thorugh our daily music circle, they learn full sentences from the songs. It is not long before they are singing them themselves. Throughout the year, children in both our English and Spanish Immersion programs learn upwards of 30 of songs, and prepare an annual end of year concert in which they share their favorites with parents.



Full day Spanish Daycare
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Full day Spanish Preschool
Full day Spanish Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
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Spanish Kindergarten
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