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Seedlings is a Calgary preschool and daycare offering high quality early childhood education. We offer English and Spanish preschool and daycare programs, and have four convenient locations. Opportunities for growth and development abound at Seedlings Preschool and Daycare. We work to create a motivating, empowering, and rich environment that helps children develop their natural creativity and love of learning. Seedlings’ curriculum is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, and is dynamic and interactive, with a focus on the interests of children.

Our Spanish Learning programs are full immersion, and most activities and interactions occur in Spanish, with limited communication in English when necessary. This method is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to learn a new language, and is also the easiest for kids, who learn Spanish through a fun and effortless exploration of their environment. A second language is beneficial for cognitive development, and exposes kids to other cultures. It can even be valuable when seeking employment later in life. Our Spanish Learning programs don’t require any previous knowledge of Spanish, and most of our students have no initial background in it.

Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imagination, encourages creative problem solving, and helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning.
Dr. Fraser Mustard

Benefits of Our Calgary Preschool & Daycare

Low Student - Teacher Ratio

We give each student the personalized

time, support and attention

they need to reach their potential.

Reggio - Emilia Program

This tremendously motivational approach to learning reflects children’s interests through a dynamic and interactive curriculum.


   A personalized approach to education gives students an atmosphere of support, and growth to achieve their maximum academic potential.

Spanish Immersion

Full immersion is the most effective way

for students to achieve exceptional

speaking and literacy skills.

Well Balanced Education

Exposure to a wide variety of subject areas

allows students to develop a diverse set of skills

that they will use for the rest of their lives. 

Qualified & Friendly Teachers

To ensure proper education in all subjects, all our teachers are highly educated with Bachelor degrees, and teachers in our Spanish programs are native Spanish speakers.

Our Calgary Preschool & Daycare Puts Your Child First

Each child is important at our daycare and preschool in Calgary. Our emergent curriculum gives us the flexibility to encourage children to progress at their own pace as individuals. A 1:5 teacher to child ratio at all our Calgary preschool and daycare programs ensures each child receives the individual attention they need to thrive. In addition, each child has at least 20 minutes of one-on-one time with a teacher each week. Our commitment to putting your child first shows in every aspect of our child day care and preschool program. 



Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten


Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten


Full day Spanish Preschool & Daycare
Full day Bilingual Preschool & Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Bilingual Kindergarten

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Full day 

Preschool - Kinder - Daycare


Full day Spanish Daycare
Full day Spanish Preschool
Half day Spanish preschool for both AM and PM
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish before and after school - kinder students


Full day Spanish Preschool
Full day Spanish Daycare
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish before and after school care - kinder students

277 Strathcona Dr SW,
Calgary, AB T3H 2A4

5720 Silver Ridge Dr NW,
Calgary, AB T3B 5E5

134 Scarboro Ave,
Calgary, AB T3C 2H1

2115 20 AVE,
Calgary, AB T2M 1J1

2323 Palliser Dr SW,
Calgary, AB T2V 3S4

4500 25 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T3E 0M1

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If you are looking for an empowering environment to help your child excel, Seedlings Preschool and Daycare is the perfect place for your child. We would love to meet you and help your child establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning and development.