What Kids Learn at Preschool in Calgary

What can your kids learn at a preschool Calgary institution? There are a few different things that a full-day Calgary preschool site will teach your kids that will help them to get ahead academically later in life. Here are some of the things that your child will learn.

Calgary Preschools Teach Pre-math Skills and Numbers

A lot of what you learn in a Calgary preschool comes down to building the foundation for your child’s future knowledge. Mathematics become one of the most significant subjects that your child will learn. In preschool, they will learn to count from 1 to 10 and 10 to 20. In a Calgary Spanish preschool, your child will learn the numbers in the Spanish language as well.

Children Learn the ABCs and Cooperative and Imaginative Play at Preschool

When your child enters the preschool Calgary institution, he or she will learn how to sing their ABCs. In addition, the imaginative and cooperative play will become a significant part of the experience of full-day preschool Calgary.

Learning the Basics of the Spanish Language is Important at a Spanish Preschool

If you send your child to a Calgary Spanish preschool, you will have the additional benefit of your child getting acquainted with the basics of the Spanish language. Children can pick up on a language fast, and teaching them while they’re young can be a huge advantage later in life. In addition, bilingual individuals often have an advantage when searching for a job.

Preschools Allow Opportunities For Sensory Play through Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts offer your child the chance to play with their hands and get creative. They will also learn independence and social skills as they’re doing this. Children have some of the best imaginations, and nowhere does it show more than when they play with arts and crafts.

Deciding to send your child to a Calgary preschool helps prepare them for life ahead. If you send them to a Spanish-speaking institution, they will have the added benefit of learning Spanish, which is a skill that employers look on favourably.

At Seedlings Preschool our goal is to provide children with a loving, fun, and prosperous environment to develop their mind while being immersed in a Spanish speaking setting. Enroll your child, and we can’t wait to see your little ones grow and develop their language skills! Contact us today at (403) 210-0604.