Preparing your Child for Spanish Preschool

Bilingual schools have plenty of awesome benefits that will set your child up for success in life. A Spanish preschool will fully immerse your child in the Spanish language. The language acquisition happens naturally, and your child doesn’t need previous knowledge of the language for it to be effective.

Talk to Your Child About What to Expect From a Spanish Preschool

To begin with, talk to your child about what to expect from the experience so that they do not feel nervous or afraid. Communication between the children and the teacher begins in both English and Spanish, and over time, the Spanish preschool Calgary institution will gradually eliminate English as your child progresses in the language. Every child will have his or her own pace of learning it. The learning takes place through crafts, art and music.

Prepare your Child for Preschool through Role Play

If you want your child to be excited about attending Calgary full-day preschool, try preparing for it with play. You can take turns being the parent, child and teacher; the activity is not only fun, but it also teaches your toddler what to expect at the Spanish preschool. You might sing songs, read stories and pretend to take naps as a means of exploring the new environment ahead of time.

Read Books About Preschool

When looking up preschools in Calgary, regardless of which school you choose, reading to your child about what preschool will be like can have a positive impact. Your goal as the parent is to get him or her excited about Spanish preschool in Calgary.

Preparing your child for Calgary full-day preschool will have one of the most positive impacts on your child. You want him or her to understand what preschool will be like up to an extent to have more fun with it.

At Seedlings Preschool our goal is to provide children with a loving, fun, and prosperous environment to develop their mind while being immersed in a Spanish speaking setting. Enroll your child, and we can’t wait to see your little ones grow and develop their language skills! Contact us today at (403) 210-0604.